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Inovaticus is an online marketing company with comprehensive industry knowledge across domains. Our services are customised to fit the unique needs of every industry served by us.


B2B industries meet the needs of other businesses. Having a trustworthy online marketing company as a partner is a primary concern for the B2B industries.

We will position your company as one that is reliable, and is worth partnering with. Apart from this, our effort will be to reduce your marketing costs, increase traffic and generate leads.


The B2C industry requires thorough market research, along with digital marketing solutions that actually work.

We will help you to keep up with the growing expectation of the online customers and retain their undivided attention. From understanding the consumer behaviour to creating engaging graphic designs, we at Inovaticus, strive to deliver effective online marketing solutions.


With the Internet as the only marketplace, e-commerce companies’ primary requirement is an effective online marketing company. From websites to email campaigns, Inovaticus provides customised solutions to improve the online shopping experience of your customers. Choose from our wide range of expert services to exceed the expectations of your customers and retain them for a long time.


Retail businesses require result-oriented websites that spread awareness among the potential consumers. The effective digital marketing services provided by Inovaticus ensure the uninterrupted promotion of your business online. Expand your customer reach and build your brand value as we make you stand out from the rest with our online marketing solutions.


Most of the educational institutions have turned to the Internet nowadays. The basic requirement of such institutions is usually a responsive and user-friendly website. Inovaticus not only builds the perfect website but effectively implements quality digital marketing solutions to enhance your online presence. Let the students, parent, faculty and alumni delight in an engaging online experience.


The chief requirement of startups is spreading awareness. To do so, you need a responsive website and effective digital marketing solutions. Trust Inovaticus for a successful business launch that attracts investors and customers. Inovaticus will enable you to launch your business with a credible brand identity that will set you apart from the very beginning.

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